Hello, and welcome to my blog (that couldn’t be more exciting if I tried…)

This is something that I have envisioned doing for a while, but have never had the time, resources or confidence to do. Until now.

My aim for this blog is to share my ongoing story and enlighten people about the trials and tribulations of survival with a chronic illness – in my case, Crohn’s Disease. It is my goal and a long term dream to provide help, support, and a safe place for people to vent, chat or even just nose, whilst knowing that someone is suffering the same way. Not only do I suffer with Crohn’s disease, but I also have depression and generalised anxiety disorder that was diagnosed when I was around 17, so this will also be a safe place to divulge my battle with mental illness.

Don’t fear however, my blog isn’t going to be all gloom and doom. Despite the difficulties we all face in life, I believe that laughter is the best medicine and doing things you enjoy alleviates the pressure and makes you realise that life isn’t so bad after all. With that said, I will also share my photography with you all and the adventures I experience in life too. I like to think I’ve always had a keen eye for photography but recently I decided to pursue it further due to how much peace and enjoyment it gave me, so I purchased a DSLR and on the days I feel well enough to, I go out and capture the images my eyes find beautiful. This blog will be a place to share those images with you.

So welcome to my weird, tragically uncool and drama-filled life. I hope to keep you entertained…

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates